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Bromocriptine - Interactions and Warnings

Concluded that erythromycin can markedly increase the systemic bioavailability of bromocriptine, which can lead to increased therapeutic or adverse effects.
- Clin Pharmacol Ther 1990 Jun;47(6):694-7 -- Pharmacokinetic evaluation of erythromycin and caffeine administered with bromocriptine. -- Nelson MV, Berchou RC, Kareti D, LeWitt PA.

Two cases of severe headache associated with the use of bromocriptine for lactation suppression in otherwise healthy women. In each case, the additional use of a therapeutic sympathomimetic agent resulted in extreme worsening of symptoms with development of hypertension and life-threatening complications (ventricular tachycardia and cardiac dysfunction in one case, seizures and cerebral vasospasm in the other). Sympathomimetics in combination with bromocriptine in patients with a bromocriptine-associated headache during the puerperium may be dangerous.
- Obstet Gynecol 1991 Nov;78(5 Pt 2):941-3 -- Bromocriptine-associated headache: possible life-threatening sympathomimetic interaction. -- Kulig K, Moore LL, Kirk M, Smith D, Stallworth J, Rumack B.

Possible interaction with chasteberry. Extracts from Vitex agnus castus as well as synthetic dopamine agonists (Lisuride) significantly inhibit basal as well as TRH-stimulated prolactin secretion of rat pituitary cells in vitro and as a consequence inhibition of prolactin secretion.
- Horm Metab Res 1993 May;25(5):253-5 -- Agnus castus extracts inhibit prolactin secretion of rat pituitary cells. -- Sliutz G, Speiser P, Schultz AM, Spona J, Zeillinger R.

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