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Tolterodine - Interactions and Warnings

Ketoconazole inhibits the metabolism of tolterodine in subjects with deficient CYP2D6 activity.
- Br J Clin Pharmacol 1999 Oct;48(4):564-72 -- Ketoconazole inhibits the metabolism of tolterodine in subjects with deficient CYP2D6 activity. -- Brynne N, Forslund C, Hallen B, Gustafsson LL, Bertilsson L.

Two patients, each receiving warfarin for stroke prophylaxis in association with chronic atrial fibrillation, developed adverse effects after the initiation of tolterodine for urinary disorders. Until further data are available, clinicians should be vigilant for a possible drug interaction when tolterodine therapy is initiated in a patient maintained on warfarin therapy.
- Ann Pharmacother 1999 Nov;33(11):1173-6 -- Tolterodine-warfarin drug interaction. -- Colucci VJ, Rivey MP.

Fluoxetine significantly inhibited the hydroxylation of tolterodine. Despite the effect on the pharmacokinetics of tolterodine in extensive metabolizers, the clinical effect is expected to be within normal variation.
- Br J Clin Pharmacol 1999 Oct;48(4):553-63 -- Fluoxetine inhibits the metabolism of tolterodine-pharmacokinetic implications and proposed clinical relevance. -- Brynne N, Svanstrom C, Aberg-Wistedt A, Hallen B, Bertilsson L.

Adverse events of the general (14.5%), autonomic (13.2%), gastrointestinal (11.4%), respiratory (9.8%) and urinary (9.1%) systems were the most frequently reported. Dry mouth was the most common event, occurring in 12.9% of patients, and was generally mild in severity.
- Eur Urol 2002 Jun;41(6):588-95 -- Long-term safety, tolerability and efficacy of extended-release tolterodine in the treatment of overactive bladder. -- Kreder K, Mayne C, Jonas U.

Case illustrates that tolterodine may rarely be associated with liver injury. This may have been an organ manifestation of tolterodine-induced hypersensitivity syndrome.
- Ann Pharmacother 2002 May;36(5):817-9 -- Tolterodine-associated acute mixed liver injury. -- Schlienger RG, Keller MJ, Krahenbuhl S.

Hallucinations, tachycardia and palpitations are infrequently associated with the drug.
- Drug Saf 2001;24(9):703-13 -- Safety profile of tolterodine as used in general practice in England: results of prescription-event monitoring. -- Layton D, Pearce GL, Shakir SA.

Consult with your physician before using any presription medications, herbs, vitamins or supplements with tolterodine - especially ones that have an effect on mood or the brain.

Do not take if you are pregnant, planning to be or breastfeeding.

last update: November 2008

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