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Everyone wants to get in shape, eat healthier and be able to spend time enjoying the results of those efforts. As you'll see below, there are some relevant articles and tools that may help you to focus on long-term goals. Research has shown for many years that quick fixes do not always last and may be harmful in the long run. If you are dealing with a chronic health condition, you should consult with your doctor about starting a new exercise program, whether it's a weight lifting or yoga plan that you have chosen to take part in.

Regular physical activity, on a daily basis, may reduce the risk of many health problems in the future. Most of all, remember that some physical activity is better than none at all.

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Fitness and Your Health: Tips for Staying Safe and Avoiding Injury

Physical activity is generally safe for everyone. People who are physically fit have less chance of injury than those who are not fit. The health benefits you gain from being active are far greater than the chances of getting hurt. Being inactive is definitely not good for your health.

These are some of the things you can do to stay safe while you are active:

  • If you haven't been active in a while, start slowly and build up.
  • Learn about the types and amounts of activity that are right for you.
  • Choose activities that are appropriate for your fitness level.
  • Build up the time you spend before switching to activities that take more effort.
  • Use the right safety gear and sports equipment.
  • Choose a safe place to do your activity.
  • See a health care provider if you have a health problem.
- source: Department of Health and Human Services

Mild to moderate resistance training can provide an effective method for improving muscular strength and endurance, preventing and managing a variety of chronic medical conditions, modifying coronary risk factors, and enhancing psychological well being.

- source: The American Heart Association

This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this material to diagnose or treat a health condition or disease without consulting with your healthcare provider.
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