Chocolate sugar free Ice Cream

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Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


1 teaspoon plain gelatin
2-1/2 cups low fat milk
1/2 cup Nestle Quik Sugar Free chocolate drink mix
1 cup drained yogurt (the solid half of 2 cups yogurt strained overnight)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
dash salt


1. Soften gelatin in 1/2 cup milk.
2. Heat in a small saucepan until gelatin dissolves.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Place saucepan in another bowl of cold or ice water to cool mixture to room temperature.
5. Pour mixture into a blender or food processor.
6. Add remaining milk, Quik, yogurt, vanilla and salt.
7. Blend until smooth.
8. Cover.
9. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to freeze.
10. Blend for a few seconds before pouring into the ice cream maker.
11. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for freezing.

source: Vernalalisa's Party Menus

Please feel free to modify these recipes for any dietary needs or special diets.

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